Aged Care and Retirement Living Operators and Developers

Brett Kelly is your aged care lending specialist. Having worked in senior management roles in aged care and retirement villages and co-located sites for 10 years, and with 30 years’ commercial lending experience, you would be hard pressed to find a lender with better, or more relevant experience for financing aged care providers.

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Aged Care and Retirement Living Operators and Developers

Are you looking for:

  • Finance for your next development, expansion or acquisition?
  • Finance for working capital?
  • Finance for equipment?

But are struggling with lenders who don’t understand your industry?

Brett Kelly is your aged care lending specialist.

As a broker, Brett has no specific alliance to any lender. He simply seeks out the lenders that are willing and able to assist and then extracts the best possible price and terms for your needs.

So if you need a lender who knows the industry from the inside; who needs no explanation and who understands:

  • The difference between a RAD, DAP, RAC and DAC
  • That a retirement village is different from a land lease
  • That the majority of aged care homes are losing money but that the industry will survive because the government and our society cannot afford for it to fail
  • That providers are genuinely trying to offer the best possible care for their residents in difficult circumstances
  • The issues during the construction phase of both aged care homes and retirement villages
  • The cashflow cycle of a retirement village during the initial sell down phase and ongoing with the DMF
  • The onerous compliance requirements of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
  • The challenges of providing aged care services to people in their own homes
  • The workforce issues that haven’t gone away simply because staff got a pay rise
  • The key metrics and trends of your industry

Then you have come to right place for aged care finance and retirement living finance, anywhere in Australia.

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