Understanding Equity: Your Key to Financial Opportunities

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Equity, in lending terms, is the net value of your property after taking out existing mortgage balances.

Bearing in mind that lenders adopt a loan to valuation ratio (LVR) of 80% of your property value (90% if you want to pay mortgage insurance or meet certain professional employment criteria), the equity value that a lender applies is scaled back to reflect that 80% LVR.

Take a home worth $750,000 with a mortgage of $350,000 – you have $400,000 in equity built up. Adopting the 80% LVR rule from a lender perspective your usable equity is:

$750,000 x 80% = $600,000, subtract $350,0000 = $250,000.

This equity then allows you to:

  • Leverage the value of your property to buy additional investment properties (commercial or residential)
  • Complete renovations; add a pool; add a granny flat
  • Draw on cash to invest in shares or managed funds
  • Help a family member by providing a guarantee to help them purchase a home

When its used to build your wealth, equity can be a very powerful tool.

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