Important numbers to contact for a bushfire in Australia

A forest area that has had a bushfire come through recently, no leaves and black trunks.

Emergency Services (Fire, Police, Ambulance): Dial 000 or 112 (both work on mobile phones) for immediate assistance in life-threatening emergencies. TTY: 106 (hearing / speech impaired)

Triple Zero (000) App: Download the "Emergency+" app, which provides your GPS coordinates when you call 000. This can be especially useful in remote areas without specific addresses.

Local Fire Service: In addition to calling 000, you can also contact your local fire service for information and assistance during a bushfire. Look up the local fire service number for your area before the bushfire season begins.

State Emergency Services (SES): SES can assist with emergency response and evacuation efforts.  132 500

Bushfire Information Hotline: For up-to-date information on bushfires, road closures, and emergency alerts, you can call the national Bushfire Information Hotline at 1800 679 737.

Local Emergency Radio Stations: Stay informed by tuning into local emergency radio stations. These stations provide real-time information and updates during bushfire emergencies.

National Relay Service (NRS): If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact emergency services through the NRS by dialing 106.

Emergency Alert Warnings: Register for emergency alerts from your state or territory's emergency services. These alerts can be sent via text message, email, or landline.

ABC Emergency: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) provides critical information during bushfires. Listen to your local ABC radio station or check the ABC Emergency website and app for updates.

Local Council: Your local council can provide information on local emergency plans and evacuation routes. Find their contact information on their official website.

Rural Fire Service (RFS): In some states, like New South Wales, the Rural Fire Service plays a central role in managing bushfires. Check the RFS website for contact details specific to your area. They also have a 'Fires Near Me' app you can download from an app store on your mobile device.

Wildlife Rescue: If you come across injured wildlife during a bushfire or need assistance with wildlife emergencies, contact your local wildlife rescue organisation or the Australian Wildlife Rescue Service at 1300 596 457.


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